OT Cyber Security: approaches and actions for risk assessment and industrial security


Wed 27 Feb 2019

Event description

In the era of Industry 4.0, Cyber ​​Security is a real concern and a priority for companies that are facing the challenge of digitalization. In order to defend oneself correctly, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate the peculiarities of the industrial world and use dedicated solutions preparing for a change of mentality. CRIT proposes itself as a point of aggregation of ideas, comparison and discussion on industrial Cyber ​​Security.

We will talk about strategies for the protection of the risk of networks and systems for 0production, analyzing the main differences between the Cyber ​​Security of IT (Information Technology) systems and the Cyber ​​Security for the protection of networks and systems used for the management of machinery and equipment in industry (OT, Operation Technology).

The roundtable is reserved to CRIT members. Participants are invited to bring their experience to the table to encourage a comparison of the strategies implemented.

Some topics that will be treated:

  • Definition and perimeter of the OT Security for industrial plants
  • Report and OT / IT connection
  • OT Security for networks and systems of control and automation of plants and machines
  • Risks, threats, vulnerabilities: how to identify and mitigate them
  • IoT and Industrial IoT: models and protection criteria

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