Mobile Robots: AGV e AMR technologies for manufacturing applications


Wed 15 Apr 2020

Event description

The meeting will be held via the web. Members will receive a communication on how to access the virtual room.

In Industry 4.0 the mobile robots AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are used in the logistics operations of the plants to increase productivity.

In fact, the technological development of Sensing & Perception devices (cameras, laser scanners, etc.), artificial intelligence and rechargeable batteries, together with the profitability of these investments, are the basis of the strong growth of this market.

The webinar will explore the technological trends of mobile robots in logistics and manufacturing. Together we will review the main solutions (AGV, AMR), the underlying technologies and the evolution of the sector in recent years and analyze which are the main development factors.

The link for access to the online platform and for participation in the webinar will be sent to those registered the day before the event.


Diego Bartolomé, Technology & Innovation Advisor (CRIT)

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