Microservice architectures


Tue 31 Mar 2020

Event description

Microservice architectures represent a great growth opportunity for those companies that have undertaken or intend to undertake a process of intense digitalization of both their products / services and their internal processes in order to adapt them to increasingly variable infrastructures. Condensing in three words the advantages that can be obtained from microservice architectures these would be: speed, adaptability, robustness.

Speed ​​because working on smaller components (microservices) reduces analysis, development and maintenance times. Adaptability because each microservice is an independent component from all the others making it possible to carry out technological updates on the individual components without compromising the functioning of the entire system. Robustness because a microservice architecture is natively distributed and, for this reason, in case of error only the strictly interested parties will stop working while the rest of the system will continue to function normally.

Parallel to these advantages, microservices bring with them an increase in the complexity of the system which, if not properly understood and addressed, could cancel the positive effects of their use. In this event we will discuss in detail the advantages of microservice architectures and the precautions that must be considered in order not to disperse the benefits they bring.

The meeting is organized in collaboration with the Microservices Community, a European network of stakeholders interested in the paradigm of microservices.


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