Methodologies and tools for software development and management – 2nd meeting – Focus on PackML


Tue 17 Mar 2015

Event description

New opportunity for comparison between CRIT associated companies on the theme “Methodologies and tools for software development and management” scheduled for Tuesday 17 March, at CRIT.

The aim of the meeting is to stimulate a comparison between the experiences gained by the participating companies on the tools and processes used in the design, development and management of the software, with particular attention to the problems encountered in inhomogeneous environments. On this occasion the focus will be on the experience of IMA on the management of the software development process and on the PackML theme, with the presentation of the results of the study carried out by the LIAM laboratory on the PackML libraries and the SACMI case study, and with the story of the experience gained by Tetra Pak on the subject of PackML.

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