Meeting of the CRIT Technical Scientific Committee


Tue 30 Jun 2015

Event description

The CTS – Technical Scientific Committee – is composed of all the Technical / R & D Directors of the CRIT Member Companies. It is the body that directs, evaluates and validates the collaborative activities of the CRIT. It meets 3 times a year, normally at a partner company.

On June 30, the meeting will be hosted by Calzoni Srl, which as of 2014 participates in the activities of the CRIT network as a supporting member.

Before the update on CRIT activities and the visit to the plant, Calzoni will present the innovative features of the lean approach adopted by the company. The meeting will be enriched by the speech of Adriano La Vopa, Philips Open Innovation Manager, who will transfer the experience of the Dutch company to the CRIT network which, thanks to Open Innovation and the creation of a campus that welcomes companies and startups, has succeeded in accelerating the development of projects and products in the various sectors of business and R&D.

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