IoTalk from words to ROI


Thu 05 Dec 2019

Event description

After a first phase of hype between technology and practice and between vendors and companies, the Internet of Things (IoT) has entered into a more operational phase.

The first Proof Of Concepts have in fact made it possible to verify the opportunities and the application criticalities.

Does IoT really have an impact on a company’s ROI?

This question will be answered thanks to the experience of the Trueverit Management Team that will bring concrete Case Studies in Smart Manufacturing and Smart Building. A special guest will illustrate a predictive maintenance case study in industry 4.0. Finally, the meeting will be enriched by the testimony of Microsoft with a series of best practices and experiences in Italy and abroad

Abstract of the interventions

Customer: Autocarrozzeria Imperiale —- Smart Manufacturing
A small company that has realized a large case study of Industry 4.0, a double application that interconnects different protocols, actors, machineries, software within a single vision.

Customer: AIMAG —- Smart Utility
A utility becomes smart when it is able to optimize, thanks to interconnection technologies, both its own processes and the levels/quality of the service.

Customer: Schneider / CEFLA —- Smart Building
A smart building/smart working application that innovates traditional BMS systems with IoT information in real time, to the benefit of facility managers and end users.

Customer: Leonardo —- Smart Maintenance
An industrial preventive maintenance application developed together with the Siveco provider, as well as Trueverit.

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