Innovation Management


Wed 24 Jan 2018

Event description

The generation of new ideas and the desire to experiment are innate characteristics of humanity. The production of ideas is continuous and infinite, however, due to their ephemeral nature, ideas must be developed and implemented to create value and bring benefits. Indeed, innovation represents the bridge between the conception of the idea, its realization and acceptance by the company: it includes, in fact, all the actions aimed at creating a new product, developing a new production process or an organizational method .

Today, more than in the past, innovation plays a strategic role for the growth of a company. The speed with which the modern technological landscape evolves requires a constant and tight pace in the development of new products and processes to maintain its competitiveness and its market leadership.

Innovation is characterized by an extreme complexity of processes and interactions, by a high level of risk, moreover it needs multidisciplinary skills and high economic resources. These intrinsic characteristics ensure that innovation is managed and addressed with different approaches and methodologies in each company.

In light of the strong interest shown by a large number of member companies, CRIT intends to organize a first meeting that can represent the beginning of a series of workgroups on innovation management which, depending on the interests and needs of the participants, can to deal more in depth with various issues: from innovation processes, to the management of core competencies, to open innovation and relations with external subjects such as for example start-ups, the tools used, the methods used to support generation, selection and development of ideas, to the organizational and management aspects of the team, etc.

The objective of this first meeting is to share the experiences that each company has gained on the subject, with a broader view of the topic. Each participating company will illustrate, with a brief intervention (approximately 10-15 minutes), the concept of innovation for the company, organization, processes, methodologies and supporting tools. After the various testimonies, space will be left for discussion and comparison.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to align on a language and terminology shared between companies, which will form the basis for the organization of any future meetings on topics that will be of greater relevance and interest to participants.

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