Innovation Management for Industry 4.0 – Solutions in Advanced Manufacturing


Wed 20 Jun 2018

Event description

Because of the strong interest shown by a large number of associated companies, CRIT is organizing a series of roundtables on innovation management which, depending on the interests and needs of the participants, will be able to deal in more depth with various issues (innovation processes, core competencies management, open innovation, selection and development of ideas, etc.).

The peculiarity of this meeting lies in its transnational character. In collaboration with the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum of Stuttgart (a foundation that deals with the promotion of technological innovation in the German region of Baden-Wurttenberg), both German and Italian companies will be involved, in order to extend the perimeter of experiences to which the base of knowledge CRIT can draw. Among the German companies confirmed, FESTO stands out, a world leader in pneumatic and electrical automation technologies with over 20,000 employees in 61 countries. Similarly to what was foreseen in the first meeting, the idea is that of sharing experiences that each company has developed on the subject.

The roundtable takes place within the Interreg Central Europe NUCLEI project (CE_318), coordinated by CRIT, which aims to provide a transnational perspective to collaborative innovation and technology scouting services, through collaboration with subjects similar to CRIT within the Central European area.

Furthermore, the meeting will be included in the prestigious frame of the annual CE/IEEE ITMC Conference. Over the past two decades, the Conference has brought together leading scholars, researchers and professionals, contributing to the global debate on research, science and innovation. ICE Conference is one of the main conferences associated with the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (IEEE TEMS).

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