Human Resource Management – Second Meeting


Tue 26 Jun 2018

Event description

Roundtable, reserved for the human resources of the CRIT member companies, on business practices aimed at evaluating and managing staff performance.

The meetings reserved for people of human resources continue. After a first meeting, held in November 2017 that dealt with the management of diversity (gender, age, religion, etc.), this second table will be a time to deepen some testimonies on company diversity and start to compare ourselves on the performance management of the personnel.

Performance evaluation is an important aspect within the corporate environment. It allows both to provide indications on the correlation between the company performances and those of the personnel, and to value the employees on the basis of their contribution to the corporate life, increasing internal satisfaction and generating a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement of the staff and the company.

The table will open with a first in-depth look at the issue of diversity management and, subsequently, some member companies will present their own personnel management tools. Finally, there will be space for a direct comparison between member companies on how each of them is addressing the topic.

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