Govern digital innovation from management to execution


Tue 19 Nov 2019

Event description

The digitalization of production processes now affects all business aspects, from management to more strictly productive ones, starting from the integration of product-side solutions and going as far as production control and management areas.

CRIT will introduce the day by illustrating with practical examples current technological trends aimed at improving human interaction with the work environment (machines and processes).

Subsequently, the topic will be deepened through the experience of the Bocconi University of Milan and NiEW, a company of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, who will intervene together with the representatives of Salvagnini and Aquafil, and will share the experience gained in digitalization projects.

Aquafil – Aquapro project

Stakeholder involvement, efficiency in prototyping and streamlining of project times are the strengths of a project that constitutes a key element in the digitalisation process of the Aquafil company production chain, which sees the introduction of an IoT platform for measuring and continuous improvement of production.

Salvagnini – Digital Portfolio Project

Along a roadmap of innovation challenging for times and objectives, Salvagnini has embarked on a digital renewal path of the product portfolio within which the entire suite of machine and plant management software has been redesigned, starting from the major selling points detected on the market, in an Industrial IoT integration logic.

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