GDPR and Cyber Security: the impact on businesses


Wed 07 Mar 2018

Event description

A meeting dedicated to the hot topics of the IT world in which we will explore the news in the field of privacy (GDPR) and security (Cyber ​​Security). The meeting is entirely aimed at IT managers and professionals involved in information security, but also at technical, production and managerial functions.

We’ll talk about it with:

  • Avv. Matilde Ratti (Lawyer and collaborator of the law firm Finocchiaro, Contract professor at the University of Bologna): “GDPR, what changes for the privacy of businesses. Operating steps to adapt to the new Regulation “
  • Enzo Maria Tieghi (CLUSIT Technical / Scientific Committee, Servitecno): “The differences between IT security and OT security”
  • Matteo Lodi (Cyber ​​Threat Analyst CERTEGO): “Adaptive Cyber ​​Defense, how to improve resilience to cyber attacks”
Privacy (GDPR)

We will talk about the impact that the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) is having on companies in view of its application starting from May 25, 2018:

  • approaches to data management,
  • organizational choices and obligations to be observed,
  • balance investments in security and data protection.
Security (Cyber ​​Security)

We will talk about strategies for the protection of IT risk of production networks and systems by analyzing the main differences between the Cyber ​​Security of IT (Information Technology) systems and the Cyber ​​Security for the protection of networks and systems used for the management of machinery and plants in industry and utility (OT, Operation Technology). If in the IT environment the basic principles of Cyber ​​security define a secure data when the RID (Privacy, Integrity, Availability) criteria are respected, in the OT environment the order of these three factors must be read backwards.

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