From supplier to developer of its own product: the VICI case


Tue 26 Jan 2016

Event description

The work table aims to allow the companies of the CRIT Network to open a comparison with the choices and strategies that are implemented to develop innovation within their own working environment.

The meeting will focus on the case of the company VICI & C Spa, a company adhering to the CRIT Accredited Suppliers Network, which has succeeded in developing its own product and positioning itself in the sector of metrological measurement machines, starting from the historical design and production activity of electrical panels for industrial machines.

Today the company designs, produces and sells internationally machines and instruments for optical measurement and surface quality control, which can be used both in the laboratory and directly integrated into the production lines.

During the meeting the steps that the company had to take in order to design and develop the new product, to build an internal research and development team and to define an adequate structure to promote and support the new business will be shared.

This testimony will precede the table discussion; all participants are invited to share their experience on the topics of the day.

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