Fast Track to Innovation – Up to 3 millions Euro from EU for industrial projects


Wed 21 Jan 2015

Event description

With the new Fast Track to Innovation – FTI – within the Horizon 2020 program, the European Commission is putting in place a new funding opportunity for research, development and innovation, specifically aimed at industries and with a strong focus on market.

FTI is characterized by:

  • “Bottom up” approach for technological areas, eliminating the need for relevance to a specific request for proposals
  • Limited number of partners (maximum 5), with 60% of the budget reserved for industry
  • Reduced time to market (maximum 3 years from the start of the project)

All these features, together with the expected average cut in loans (2-3 million euros), make FTI particularly attractive for medium-sized manufacturing companies that constitute the central core of the CRIT network, even if the Commission explicitly invites participation in ” candidates for the first time “.

The meeting will therefore have the purpose of illustrating the announcement in detail, and of clarifying the ways in which the companies involved participate in CRIT technical assistance.

The meeting will also include in-depth elements on other financing instruments for industrial research coming out at regional and national level.

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