Ergonomic culture and technique to support the design


Tue 07 Feb 2017

Event description

In collaboration with

Italian Society of Ergonomics and Human Factors
Emilia-Romagna Territorial Section

Ergonomics was born to study and enforce in the design a series of rules that protect the life of the worker and increase the efficiency and reliability of man-machine systems.

The purpose of the meeting is to inform the Companies about the ergonomic technical standards to which it is possible to refer when designing a system, a product or a process (ergonomic design) or when it is necessary to proceed with evaluations of the existing for improvements (correction ergonomics), also foreseen by the existing legislation on health and safety in the workplace

The seminar will also allow to deepen the issue of the cost-benefit ratio of ergonomics. Given the involvement of an expert in human factors (ergonomics) within a project team, results can be found such as:

  • greater job satisfaction at various levels and types of operations;
  • greater reliability in human-equipment interaction in use;
  • project standardization and configuration to give shape also to new operating methods.

Therefore it will be highlighted how these principles and these methods can be applied in different industrial environments: for the occasion interventions are planned by the Italian Ergonomics Society, CNH Industrial and FCA.

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