Energy efficiency in industry: collecting, interpreting and managing energy data to reduce consumption


Tue 24 Mar 2015

Event description

CRIT, in collaboration with Omron Electronics Spa, Techlan Srl and Renovis Srl, organized a seminar on “Energy efficiency in industry: collecting, interpreting and managing energy data to reduce consumption”.

For the industrial world, energy efficiency is a challenge that requires first of all in-depth knowledge of the many variables that impact on the energy balance of production processes. In fact, only by measuring and monitoring all the consumption of thermal and electrical energy, it is possible to implement an efficiency plan capable of reducing the environmental impact and at the same time significantly affect the operating cost of the plants.

The aim of the seminar is to tackle the issue of energy efficiency in the industrial world with a 360 ° approach, dealing with all aspects related to the measurement and monitoring of the numerous variables involved, in order to arrive at the implementation of targeted solutions that can significantly reduce energy consumption. Particular attention will be paid to the issue of managing energy data and the role of system integration, a key factor in achieving the energy efficiency objectives typical of industrial companies.

Company profile:

Omron Electronics Spa, a company of Omron Corporation, is a world leader in the production of components and systems for industrial automation, including the green automation sector. The product range includes: PLCs, industrial PCs, HMIs, industrial networks, motion control devices, inverters, sensors, vision systems, safety, servo drives, temperature controllers, relays, timers, meters, monitoring systems and numerous other components industrial. Omron Electronics Spa belongs to the CRIT Accredited Suppliers Network.

Techlan Srl is a Modena-based company specialized in the implementation of integrated IT solutions in the industrial, financial, transport and logistics sectors. As part of industrial energy efficiency, the company has carried out the TRUEVERIT project to manage and monitor all of the various energy and environmental sources, in order to transversally control all the technological systems.

Renovis Srl is an energy services company that proposes and implements energy efficiency solutions mainly for the medium-large size industry. The company carries out interventions to renovate and modernize energy-consuming systems and to rationalize energy consumption both in the thermal and electrical fields, as well as cogeneration plants with other yields.

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