Eco-sustainability: innovation, certifications and success stories


Wed 22 Apr 2020

Event description

The meeting will be held via the web. Members will receive a communication on how to access the virtual room.

The concept of sustainability interconnects environmental, economic and social aspects. The environmental dimension is increasingly a valid tool for technological development, the corporate sustainability report and communication to the outside. The concept of environmental sustainability, as a simple response to regulatory and authorization compliance, is now outdated in favor of a more holistic and strategic vision.

On 11 December 2019, the European Commission presented a roadmap (European Green Deal) which involves all economic sectors, including the world of industry, whose aim is to transform environmental challenges into development opportunities for all member countries.

The CRIT seminar will deal with how attention to eco-sustainable solutions is becoming one of the main economic and technological trends for the coming years.

Nier and T-Trade Group, companies of the CRIT Endorsed Suppliers Network, will address the concept of eco-sustainability linked to a product / process / service life cycle perspective, bringing examples of business realities based on the principle of eco-sustainability.

Nier Engineering

A life cycle approach is the key tool to support more informed choices in the design phase (ecodesign) and encourage accreditation towards consumers, large customers and public administration, also by obtaining internationally recognized environmental labels. The intervention aims to provide the basic information to approach an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) perspective in the company, examining the main drivers of sustainability and the most relevant environmental product certifications (ISO 14067 – carbon footprint, ISO 14025 – EPD, Remade in Italy®, etc.) and process / system (ISO 14064).

T-Trade Group

Research, develop, produce and distribute in the sign of eco-sustainability. This is the corporate philosophy that guides the T-Trade group in the design and production of complete solutions for packaging, labeling and industrial marking. The intervention will be aimed at deepening the printing technologies for green labeling, Industry 4.0 certified, created by T-Trade Group in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche. The intervention will also be enriched with examples of application cases.

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