Drawingless Manufacturing


Wed 13 Jan 2016

Event description

On the initiative of some member companies, CRIT intends to organize a discussion on “Drawingless Manufacturing“.

To date, the management and transmission of the so-called ‘Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)‘ from the design department to the production function, takes place through the 2D drafting of projects traditionally carried out using 3D CAD, with a considerable expenditure of resources and of time. Typically, SMEs consist of a series of non-geometric attributes which allow the production to realize what is geometrically described on the drawing. Specifically, it is:

  • Information regarding geometric dimensioning and tolerances
  • Remarks
  • Information on surface finishes and workings
  • Specifications relating to the materials to be used

The increasingly pervasive spread of 3D design tools is pushing companies to use only the 3D design (completely eliminating the 2D table setting), accompanied by those basic information that allow the production department (or external supplier, if the execution of the product is carried out on behalf of third parties), to start the realization of what is shown on the drawing.

To facilitate this operation, the first dedicated products are also appearing on the market, such as Solidworks Model Based Definition (MBD), which promise to provide the designer with tools capable of improving the flow of communication of technical information, significantly accelerating the processes of design and production, drastically reducing time and costs.

The CRIT work table aims to compare the experiences of the member companies in this area, in order to share best practices, approaches, methodologies, available regulatory references (ISO16792: 2006) and any tools used.

The recipients potentially interested in participating in the Work Table are professional profiles coming from the following areas: Design Area, Technical Office, Manufacturing, IT.

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