Digital Twin: Advanced simulation for industrial plants and machinery


Thu 17 Jan 2019

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NEW DATE – Event postponed to 17 January 2019.
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Traditionally, simulation tools have been used to validate the results of prototype testing. The continuous improvement of these softwares and the increasing computational abilities allow to approach more and more real world and virtual world.

The “Digital Transformation” paradigm, in fact, provides operational data on plant and machinery with different potential effects on the product life cycle. The concept of Digital Twin, combining IoT, AI and data analytics technologies with simulation tools, paves the way for the development of new business models aimed at servitization, including:

  • predictive diagnostics of plants / machinery (predictive maintenace);
  • monitoring of the quality of the products produced (zero-defect manufacturing);
  • design improvement and product customization (lot size one production).

The seminar will witness the testimony of ANSYS, CINECA and ESI, reference software suppliers and manufacturing simulation services, who will present case studies in the industrial field of Digital / Hybrid Twin.

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