Digital Manufacturing & Condition Monitoring


Thu 20 Apr 2017

Event description

Digitization is the only lever for competitiveness on international markets. CRIT offers an in-depth look at the impact of new digital platforms on business processes through the testimonies of Fameccanica, the University of L’Aquila and Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell Automation: an Andon reporting system developed to improve Toyota’s decision-making process.

Rockwell Automation will present the Andon digital system for reporting production problems that provides usable data to improve decision-making, developed for the Toyota plant in Burnaston (UK). Andon is a term used mainly in the automotive sector to refer to a system of digital display boards (with text messages, or other types of displays) to inform operators of a line of the presence of a quality or process problem in a given station . The Andon Electronic board is one of the main components of the quality control system according to the Toyota Production System automation concept, part of the so-called “lean production” approach. The operator has the right to stop production when a defect is found and to immediately request assistance. Production is suspended until a solution is found. In the integrated system installed by Rockwell Automation in the UK plant, alarms are recorded in data archives to be studied during the continuous improvement programs of the Japanese company.

University of L’Aquila and Fameccanica Data: Industry 4.0 opportunities and clichés.

University of L’Aquila and Fameccanica will present a “Condition Monitoring” project conducted jointly, accompanied by some indications on the implementation approach of Fameccanica. Topics related to the availability of technologies and the implementation criticalities related to the management and reliability of the information flow will be studied in depth. The opportunities opened up by the availability of advanced tools and intelligent learning algorithms that make it possible to transform simple measures into valuable information that can be used in decision-making processes will also be analyzed. Emphasis will also be placed on the evolution of the necessary skills and the effects that digitalisation has on the value chain and on corporate strategies.

  • Roberto Motta, Rockwell Automation
  • Giulio D’Emilia, University of L’Aquila
  • Oronzo Lucia, Fameccanica

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