Digital Manufacturing: a benchmark on the value of digital technologies for Italian industry


Wed 11 Nov 2015

Event description

The economic scenario forces companies in the western manufacturing sector to invest heavily in new technologies to digitize processes and services. Digitization is the only lever for competitiveness on international markets.

In the absence of a structured national industrial program, CRIT proposes a moment of confrontation to understand in depth the digital innovations that are transforming the manufacturing sector. The goal is to open a debate on the impact of new digital platforms on business processes and on the repercussions of digital innovation in the reference chains and along the entire value chain. Innovation is not just about new products, but also intelligent, reliable and flexible processes and services.

With the testimonies and the vision of some of the most important Italian industrial players, the meeting wants to allow the companies of the CRIT network to evaluate their positioning comparing themselves with success cases, measure the benefits and risks of the implementation of digital technologies, understand what it means to invest in digital technologies.

They will participate in the table bringing their experience and stimulating discussion: Ferrero Spa, Lavazza Spa, Rockwell Automation

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