Design Thinking and Crowdsourcing: application of the desing thinking methodology for the definition of a crowdsourcing platform


Thu 28 Jun 2018

Event description

The workshop is organized within the Interreg Central Europe SYNERGY project (CE_1171), which aims at strengthening currently underdeveloped linkages, cooperation and synergies between companies, industry, research, intermediaries and policy makers in central Europe.

As part of the Synergy project, an innovative CROWDSOURCING PLATFORM will be designed and developed become a space for enhancement open innovation, crowdsoucing and -funding, microworking among project partners regions

As partner of the project, CRIT organizes the workshop to define the initial requirements on which to develop this platform. To carry out the activity we will use the design thinking methodology, which allows us to integrate both moments of analytical analysis and intuitive and creative attitudes. Moreover, thanks to a simulated sharing session the participants will learn about new infrastructure sharing models and will have the opportunity to share competences and resources in a collaborative environment and to develop their own range of services.

The workshop will involve two companies of the CRIT network. The meeting will start with a speech by Tetra Pak that will bring its own contribution related to the use of the Design Thinking methodology through the experience gained by the company. Together with CRIT, Ludotic, a company belonging to the CRIT Accredited Supplier Network, will manage the day and lead the application of the design thinking methodology to the meeting.

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