Deep Learning and Machine Vision: new tools for manufacturing


Wed 01 Feb 2017

Event description

The attempt to imitate the functioning of the human brain has led to the birth of Deep Learning, a specialization of Machine Learning that focuses on the development of algorithms based on deep neural networks that, trained on large amounts of data, automatically learn hierarchical representations capable of solve problems that could be approached only with manual engineering.

The automatic learning of features through multiple levels of abstraction allows to map complex functions directly from the data, without depending on features drawn by human beings. This is important to generate high-level abstractions that are better manageable to calculate, abstractions that humans could not explicitly describe.

Deep Learning has today achieved performances comparable with those of the human brain in understanding the language (speech recognition) and in image recognition (image recognition), and is revolutionizing many areas of artificial intelligence. Deep Learning today represents the state of the art for industrial innovation, providing entrepreneurs, managers and professionals with indispensable knowledge bases for product and process innovation and the development of new markets.

During the seminar will be presented solutions, software and hardware platforms, and case studies to stimulate the adoption of Deep Learning and advanced machine learning techniques for Machine Vision.

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