Deep & Dark Web: the hidden part of the network


Tue 09 Jun 2020

Event description

What are the Deep and the Dark Web? What information can be found in the Dark Markets? And what are the dangers for businesses?

A multitude of data, stolen through what is called a “leak” in technical terms, can now be purchased within the Deep and Dark Web. A digital loot made up of sensitive and strategic information, from employee passwords to intellectual property. This can be used for a malicious actor’s profit or much worse, as the principle of a more complex attack.

  • Luca Bonora, Business Developer Manager @ CYBEROO: how and why a company should not only keep its internal systems safe, but also worry about knowing what is going on in the Deep and Dark Web.
  • Alessandro Molari, Cybersecurity Consultant @ Imola Informatica & Managing Director @ CyberLoop: approaches and methodologies for monitoring Data Breach in the Deep & Dark Web, integration with Intelligence and Cyber ​​Defense frameworks, in order to detect and mitigate possible technical and business impacts Associates.

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