Creating new value through digitization: cases compared on Industry 4.0


Thu 23 Feb 2017

Event description

The digitalization of the manufacturing sector is a challenge and an opportunity that must be seized to relaunch the competitiveness of our companies. To face the digitization process, managerial skills and technical skills are necessary to enhance the leadership of companies and encourage the adoption of digital strategies and tools.

Connectivity, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, are just some of the enabling technologies. How can we exploit them to increase the competitiveness of our companies and transfer new value to products and processes? What is the role of businesses in our area in this context? With which technologies? How can business models change?

The first of two meetings, one focusing on products, the other on processes, the working table stems from the need expressed by the CRIT members to discuss the strategies adopted to face the digital transformation 4.0.

This first meeting is addressed to the technical directors and R&D directors of companies that develop products (automatic machines, plants, vehicles, …) that can integrate the technologies that belong to the concept of Industry 4.0.

Every company that will take part in the meeting is invited to bring their experience to the table.

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