Corporate communication: testimonials and success stories


Tue 12 Feb 2019

Event description

Corporate communication is a core aspect for all industrial realities, regardless of the production sector and the type of goods offered.
It is divided into two basic types of communication: internal and external. Internal communication is aimed primarily at internal staff and is intended to inform, educate and update; the second one is aimed at current and future customers, contributing to:

  • Promote products and services
  • Enhance the corporate brand
  • Support customers in after-sales
  • To spread the knowledge of the company in new sectors and to consolidate sectors already involved

With the appearance of new tools (eg new social media) and with the change of communication paradigms, constant attention must be devoted to the tools and methodologies used for an efficient communication strategy.

The meeting, focused on external communication and dedicated to the companies of the Endorsed Suppliers Network, will give the opportunity to the participating realities to discuss the tools used (website, social media, documentation) and on their communication strategies.

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