Artificial Intelligence to support the dialogue with customers


Tue 21 Jan 2020

Event description

The quality of contacts with customers is one of the areas in which the competitiveness of any company is played out today. Customer expectations in terms of speed and quality of responses are always higher, and requests tend to arrive on multiple channels, with a constant increase in the use of digital channels.

In order to optimize these increasingly complex and delicate activities in an optimized way, many companies are introducing Artificial Intelligence tools.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to create robots that are trained to “understand” customer requests. For example, these robots can be made capable of analyzing and classifying customer messages, automatically responding to frequent requests, routing requests to the relevant team, and more.

Depending on the characteristics of the specific client process, it is possible to set up different types of robots, for example:

  • Self-help systems, able to respond interactively to customer requests;
  • Chatbots or conversational applications, able to engage in a conversation with the client in a “chat” environment;
  • Email and Pec management systems, able to automatically interpret incoming emails and manage them accordingly;
  • Support systems to the customer service team, able for example to classify and automatically manage the tickets or to offer the users valid search tools for the rapid identification of the answers.

For each of these use cases, case histories and demos will be presented during the meeting thanks to the collaboration and experience of Expert System.

Expert System

Expert System is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to text analysis, with over 20 years of experience in the field of natural language understanding.
Today it is an international company, listed on the Stock Exchange, committed to the constant development of innovative solutions to provide its partners and customers with concrete results of great business value.
He collaborates with some of the most important organizations and government agencies in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Analysts, data scientists and computational linguists from all over the world recognize the value of the Expert System technology of understanding natural language based on artificial intelligence. A patented technology that, thanks to a unique approach, combines semantics and machine learning, offering the most effective and pragmatic way to manage unstructured information even in the most complex cases.

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