Advanced design and ergonomics in instrumental goods


Wed 07 Sep 2016

Event description

The ergotechnic approach to design is almost a century old; A lot of progress has been made since the first German studies on anthropometry applied to design in domestic environments and then to work environments. In the complexity of contemporary design there is a tendency to synthesize the ergonomic theme to the satisfaction of a series of deferrable regulatory requirements. The Human Centered Design is an approach that does not exclude the satisfaction of the rules, far from it, but that post places their respect to a phase of “disruptive conceptualization” that has as objective to realize artificial models of the machine in function of the man , be it the manufacturer, the maintainer, the user, the customer. The man put at the center of the project introduces unexpected and innovative aspects in the structure of the machine and in its final aspect that can be governed by contemporary design.

The meeting intends to take stock of this approach, offer a review of case studies, invite some exponents of producers and designers who work in this direction to testify and compare.

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