Additive Manufacturing Experiences


Fri 05 Jul 2019

Event description

Additive Manufacturing (AM) represents the biggest manufacturing revolution of the last decade. It is subverting subtractive technologies, responding to traditional problems that have up to now limited the creativity of mechanical design. Freedom in design, weight reduction, independence from economies of scale are just some of the advantages brought by 3D printing.

The transition from subtractive to additive technologies requires a strong effort by companies. In fact, the criteria used so far cannot be directly applied to the AM, as the classic concepts of design and economics of scale lose meaning. Therefore, it becomes necessary to change the company mentality to design and production in order to really exploit the infinite capabilities of the AM.

The work and comparison table is intended to be a moment to allow CRIT member companies to discuss the paths adopted to introduce AM and share best practices, approaches, methodologies, and any tools used.

The recipients potentially interested in participating in the Work Table are professional profiles from the following areas: Design Area, Technical Office, Manufacturing.

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