5G and digital transformation


Thu 07 Feb 2019

Event description

5G will not only be an evolution of current mobile networks, it will instead overturn the way to deal with connectivity problems overcoming the limits of current technologies. The new generation communication platform promises to be a key factor in facing and accelerating the ongoing digital transformation.

The implementation of a reliable communication layer capable of managing the exponential increase of the resources involved and of the variety and volume of information is of fundamental importance to face the technological challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution for the factories of the future and by the intelligent and autonomous transport systems that will invade our cities in the near future.

The manufacturing industry and the transport industry are just two examples of vertical sectors with high-level performance needs: very low latencies, high availability, reliable coverage even in difficult environments, low energy consumption and low costs. The 5G evolution roadmap intends to address these problems by proposing deterministic and reliable wireless solutions, with high yield, high availability, secure and low TCO.

We’ll talk about it with: University of Bologna, CEA Leti (France), JMA Wireless, TT Tecnosistemi and Huawei.

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